Welcome to the beginning (And probable mediocrity)

Blog Information

As with every new tech/gaming blog or YouTube channel, the level of equipment I posses in order to make videos is minimal and my writing ability follows along closely.

I thought I’d make this post in order to give the run down about what should be going on this blog in the coming weeks and months. Currently I only have access to products that I already own to take a look at and review; both the Roccat ARVO and the MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T 3 will be reviewed first, not the most high end of products, but everyone starts somewhere. Hopefully if everything goes to plan I could look into buying products just for review purposes!

As far as begging Razer for a review unit of their Blade… Lets leave that for now.

I will be operating this blog from WordPress along with a YouTube Channel with the same name, both mediums of me moaning about poor build quality and made in China stickers will be strongly interlinked. Please don’t expect high resolution 4K video and high fidelity sound from the YouTube channel just yet! I am merely a bedroom operation with a 5 year old compact camera and a 30 pound mic from amazon!


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